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The Future of Sticks

2009-06-16 09:37:13 by brndn10

With the recent release of Stick World and The Network, I started to think; I could make these a LOT better. If only I could use another program instead of Pivot to animate my stick figures, they could seem a lot more lifelike. After about a half an hour of Google searching, I came up with nothing but Pivot. If you know such a program, please comment or PM me, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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2009-06-16 09:47:05

Try actually using flash instead of pivot, or you could do more animation for the sticks than them bobbing their head side to side then telling people not to blam it.


2009-06-16 10:07:01

FLASH!!!! is a good program, duh.


2009-06-16 11:13:07

You do know it's FLASH Portal, where you have been posting your stuff? I don't have nothing against other programs but flash is the best out there

brndn10 responds:

Yeah i agree, I've been using Pivot for my animations.


2009-06-17 15:18:59

Unfortunately Flash costs hundreds of dollars, but thats what we all use <:) If you can, you should buy it. Unless you aren't seriously into animation though, you shouldn't consider buying flash.