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Portal Wars - My next project

2009-12-20 17:22:49 by brndn10

I am currently making a flash project called Portal Wars. Here's the low-down.

Newgrounds gets hacked and invaded by flash developers making crap. Tom Fulp and the people of NG fight back, but the enemy has fellow websites to support it. A war begins between the flash overlords and the future of Newgrounds is uncertain. Will NG Survive? Find out when I release this in early 2010.

Please comment with your views on this. This was losely based on Fulp's flash game, Portal Defenders.

The Future of Sticks

2009-06-16 09:37:13 by brndn10

With the recent release of Stick World and The Network, I started to think; I could make these a LOT better. If only I could use another program instead of Pivot to animate my stick figures, they could seem a lot more lifelike. After about a half an hour of Google searching, I came up with nothing but Pivot. If you know such a program, please comment or PM me, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

StickWorld - DELAY

2008-10-11 13:02:24 by brndn10

Turns out we ran into more than 20 snags in Stick World Production. New release date is Late 2009. Sorry :-(